1. Smoke tests are really valuable! You don’t want to start executing your 1k+ acceptance tests suite to discover after 30 minutes running 900 test cases that a simple search does not work. :)

  2. Good post Alex. Don’t forget the benefit of a status page showing your current configuration and the state of remote systems, like the database or some important web service, which can also be queried during a smoke test.

  3. @Guilherme Chapiewski I guess the tests you are talking about are more suitable for the commit-stage because its main purpose is find out quickly if the commit is good or not, before running the other longer tests. Deployment smoke tests’ purpose is more to check the environments you deployed your application, if the deployment was done successfully and if the components you rely on are actually up and running.

  4. @Tom Thanks Tom! I like the idea of the status page showing the current configuration. That’s another way of ensuring our configuration is correct. In my current project we’re now using Cucumber output to verify dependencies, instead of putting them on the status page. It’s been working nicely so far. Cheers!

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